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2023-01-14 00:02:12

Although I am a happily married man, sex with the same partner all the time
kind of sours over the years. I have had some great sex with my wife Cindy
who is now 35 and still looks great. She is a 5'7" blond with B-cup tits
and beautiful slender legs. We got married 15 years ago. I was 21 when we
got married right after graduating from college and she was 20. Our sex has
always been great and lucky for me, Cindy is always willing to experiment.
We still have sex about 3 times a week.

Ever since I discovered bestiality on the internet, however, I have been craving
beast cock. I began to wonder what it would feel like having a dog fuck me
in the ass. Thinking about this would get my cock so hard it would hurt to
the point I would have to masturbate. I talked to my wife about it. I thought
it would bother her but she actually encouraged me to try it.

As I was driving home from work one day I saw a dog with no collar walking
around our neighborhood. I looked at his crotch area and noticed he was
carrying a nice package in his sheath. I instantly got hard. I drove ahead
of the dog and pulled over. I got out of the car and looked back at the dog.
The dog stopped in his tracks. I whistled to him and I noticed he began to wag
his tail. So I squatted down and whistled to him again. The dog slowly came toward
me as I held out my hand. The dog walked up to me and put his head under my hand.
I rubbed his head with both hands. It was a black lab.

I opened the car door and surprisingly the dog walked up to it and climbed in the
back seat. This is obviously someone's dog and it is trained. I drove a few more
blocks and reached home. My wife was outside and she noticed I let out a dog from
the back seat of the car. "I found it wandering around so I stopped to pick him up".
I think it belongs to someone so I am going to make some flyers to post around. If
no one claims it I am going to keep it.

I posted the flyers and after a week no one claimed it. I was already calling the
dog blackie and he obeyed every basic command for dogs. One day while I was looking
at bestiality on the Internet I started to masturbate. I was watching a guy get
fucked by a great dane who managed to get his knot inside the guy's asshole. My cock
was about to burst and after a few more yanks I started cumming. Some cum shot onto
the floor and much to my surprise Blackie sniffed it and then licked it up. As he did
this I noticed his cock starting to peek out of its sheath. Although I had just cum,
my cock began to grow again.

I don't know what came over me but I may not get a chance like this again. Seeing
Blackie's cock peeking out of his sheath had me crazy. I got up from my chair, took
off my shorts and underwear and got down on all fours to see what Blackie would do.
Since my cock still had a bit of jism, Blackie came over and gave it a lick. Oh gawd
I wanted to cum in his mouth. After a few licks Blackie walked behind me. I noticed
more of his cock had come out. My cock was stone hard and throbbing. Blackie began
to lick my asshole as precum leaked from my cock.

Blackie then started to mount me as he climbed up on my back. His cock was
jabbing at my asshole. I was leaking precum from the anticipation. After missing the
target a while I then felt Blackie enter my asshole. Cum shot out of my cock as
he penetrated me. Blackie grabbed me tighter and began a furious paced fuck. It hurt
when he penetrated me but I was too excited to care. Blackie kept fucking me and I
found myself pushing back. As I did this I felt Blackie grip me tighter and as he
pushed harder I felt his knot slip inside my asshole. He started to fuck me harder.
I felt his knot grow inside and I knew he was going to tie. I couldn't hold back any
more as my cock started to shoot cum in spurts. Just as I was cumming I felt a warm
fluid inside my asshole and I knew Blackie was cumming inside of me.

I kept pushing back as we stayed tied for 15 minutes while Blackie spurt all his cum
inside my ass. He was then able to slip out of me as his cum leaked down my legs. As
I got up to go wash up I realized my legs were wobbly from the fucking I just took.
I went to the bathroom and showered. Then I came back out and cleaned the area where
Blackie had just fucked me. Blackie was off in a corner licking himself off. I heard
a car pull up to the driveway and knew Cindy had gotten home. When she entered the
living room where Blackie and I were she asked "what's that smell"?

"Blackie just finised fucking me. I cleaned the area but I guess there is still the
smell of sex around". My wife smiled and walked into our bedroom. I followed her in
and still feeling horny, I started to help her undress and gave her little kisses on
her neck. I pushed her back onto the bed and fell on her crushing my lips on hers.
We started to french kiss as I started to dry hump her. I got up and took my shorts
and underwear off and climbed back on top of her driving my cock into her waiting
pussy. I fucked her harder than ever as she screamed that she was cumming. I kept
drilling her hard and lifting upwards to brush my cock against her clit with every

"Oh my gawd I am cumming again. Oh honey don't stop." Having cum recently I was able
to fuck her for another 10 minutes before shooting my load into her as she came also
for the fourth time. As I rolled off her she was still moaning and panting. "Oh my
gawd honey, you are going to have to keep letting Blackie fuck you if our sex is going
to be like this from now on". "Well you can be sure I am going to let him fuck me

The next day when I got home I noticed another car in our driveway next to my wife's.
I walked into the house and saw a man and what looked like his daughter sitting on
the sofa. "Honey these are the owners of the dog". My heart sank. After we talked and
I realized the dog was in fact theirs, I watched as they took Blackie and drove off.
I noticed when they were inside that Blackie was sniffing at the girl's crotch. She
looked about 16 and I got hard thinking she was letting Blackie fuck her and that is
why he knew what to do when I got down on all fours.

I kept viewing bestiality on the internet and now that I have been fucked by a dog I
want it even more. I have seen people getting fucked by dogs, goats, horses, pigs,
bulls, etc. Even hentai bestiality is awesome as they can make up things easier than
the real thing. I masturbate all the time as I watch these videos. In the absence
of a dog or other animal to satisfy me, I have bought different sizes of dildoes and
have fucked myself in the ass imagining I am getting fucked by a dog or at times a
horse. I have some fantastic orgasms thinking about it while I fuck myself. This has
also led to better sex with Cindy and she couldn't be happier.

One evening after some great sex with Cindy she mentioned that a friend of hers asked
if we wanted to watch over their farm for a week while they were on vacation. When I
heard farm, the first thing that came to my mind was animals. My cock got hard as I
thought of the possibilities. "Do they have any dogs"? "Actually honey they have 2.
They have a doberman and a great dane. They also have ponies, horses, pigs, cows,
goats, and a bull". My cock was rock hard and I felt it leaking. "Honey I gotta tell
you that I am horny as hell thinking about letting all those animals fuck me. Does
that disgust you"?

"As long as you keep me satisfied as well honey, you can fuck all the animals you want.
Just please don't ask me to try it because I am not really into that". "Ok it's a
deal. When do we have to be there". "In 2 weeks". I started searching specific videos
now hoping to find guys being fucked by any of the type of animals that were on this
farm. I found some of all including a pig. I masturbated to it all and I couldn't
believe my eyes as I watched a couple guys take a horse all the way to the hilt. I came
even harder watching those videos. I couldn't wait to bend over and offer myself to
these animals.

The 2 weeks didn't pass quick enough. But the time came and we drove off to her
friend's farm. As we were arriving I saw a few horses, a bull, and some goats. When
we pulled up to the house I saw the 2 dogs, a doberman and a great dane. My cock got
hard and I was hoping for a quick fuck from either one of them. Mostly though I
wanted to do the doberman before trying the great dane since I saw the size of its
knot when I saw the videos on the Internet.

As we got out of the car Cindy's friend Betty and her husband John came out to greet us.
The dogs came up to us. "They don't bite". They came up to us and sniffed at us though
which I didn't mind. We went inside and were told what we needed to do to take care
of the farm animals and their feeding times. After getting our instructions, Betty and
John said their goodbyes. They would be back in a week the following Saturday. As they
drove off I wondered how I could interest the doberman to fuck me.

Cindy went back inside. I told her I was going to take a walk around the farm. The dogs
followed me so I was walking around with a hard cock. I saw 2 horses out in the field
and visualized the video of the guy I saw take a horse cock to the hilt. My cock was
leaking cum. I then saw the bull out in the field where the cows were grazing. I guess
he gets to service the 4-5 cows I saw. I then saw a small corral where I noticed they
kept a few pigs. In another area I saw some goats and sheep. I was so horny from having
been fucked by Blackie and not being fucked ever since.

I walked toward the barn as the dogs followed me. When I walked in only the doberman
followed me in. "Oh damn I gotta get him to fuck me". I started thinking of him
fucking me and pulled my cock out to masturbate. As I masturbated I looked at the
dobie who suddenly showed a little cock out of its sheath. I didn't even want to cum
yet so I stopped. I took off my shorts and underwear and got on my hands and knees.
I started to masturbate again as the doberman walked up to me. My cock was throbbing in
anticipation. "Oh come on dobie, please mount me".

The dobie came around the front as I got up on my knees and kept masturbating. I leaked
some precum and the dobie appeared interested as he came close and licked at my cock. I
fought hard not to cum. I dropped to my hands and knees and the dobie walked around
behind me. He sniffed my ass and began to lick it. When his tongue tried to enter my
asshole I almost came on the spot. As he kept licking it appeared he was trying to get his
tongue inside me. I kept leaking cum but I wanted his cock. Then he climbed up on my
back and began to thrust his cock.

As I felt it hitting my asscheeks I moved around to help him find the target. After some
misses I felt his cock hit the spot. The dobie also realized this as he gripped me and
thrust forward. I shot a load of cum as he penetrated me and began to fuck me. "Oh good
doggie. Fuck me hard. Give me your cum". I started to push back hoping to feel the knot
slip in. I felt it at the entrance. The dobie gripped me harder and as he thrust forward
hard, I pushed back. I felt the knot slide in and it hurt which made me reflexively
scoot forward making it slip back out. But his cock stayed in me so he kept fucking. I
realized it felt really good feeling the knot go in and then slip back out.

So each time the dobie drove his knot in me I pulled forward just enough to let it slip
out. I did this about 10 times and then decided to let him finish me off. As he thrust
forward again I pushed back and his knot slipped in. As he kept fucking me hard I felt the
knot grow so I knew we were going to tie. He fucked me hard another 5 minutes as I kept
pushing back against his thrusts until I felt him stop. Then I felt the fluid spurting
inside letting me know he was cumming in me. As he was cumming in me I kept pushing back
against his cock and shot a load of my own.

After 15 minutes the dobie slipped out of me. I then noticed that the great dane had been
watching us and he had a huge cock hanging down. "Oh shit. I can't take that softball of a
knot inside me now. I'm going to let him fuck me but I am not going to let him drive his
knot in me". I stayed on my hands and knees as the great dane came up behind me and
mounted me. Unbelievably he drove his cock in me right away. Oh it was huge and filled me
to the brim. My cock grew hard again as the dane fucked me. I paid special attention to his
knot and pulled forward some each time I felt it at the entrance to my asshole. He was
spurting precum inside me with his hard thrusts. After about 5 minutes I pulled forward
and the dane slipped out. I got up and quickly put on my shorts. As I walked back
toward the house the dane followed me with his cock still hanging out.

My wife was on the porch as I walked back. Noticing the dane with his cock out she knew I
had already fucked with him. "I let both dogs fuck me but I only let the dobie tie with me.
I will let the dane tie with me next time. I got all week". She just smiled as I walked into
the house to wash up. After I washed up she was sitting on the sofa. I walked over to her
and dove under her mini skirt to attack her pussy. I pulled her panties down as she spread
her legs. I chomped on her pussy and bit on her clit. I felt her juices flowing. I kept
this up and when she was cumming for the 2nd time I got up and drove my cock into her pussy
in one hard thrust which made her scream. "Oh my God, fuck meeeeeeeee". I fucked her hard
and shot my cum into her. I stayed in her til the last spurt and just laid on top of her
as my cock went soft. We actually fell asleep there on the sofa til next morning.

To be cont'd.