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My Decision

2023-01-24 00:09:29

The offer has been there. Thrown out like bait on the end of a hook. Just dangling in front of me. Every so often as I drift by the suggestion, you move the line to make it dance. You know how greedy I am. And you know how much I love to do it. Put the two together and I'm the prime fish for your angling expertise.

Slowly I walk through the glass doors turning my choices over in my head. I know this is all up to me. There's no pressure - no coercion. Just an offer that I am desperate to resist. I can't do it - I musn't. The littany pervades my thoughts as I open the door to the office suite and the plush carpet meets the high heels adorning my feet. The swish of my stocking encased thighs resounds in my ears as I make my way through the silent hallway past offices praying that one of them holds a presence. Just one person would stop me from doing this insane act. But, to my chagrin, there is no one. It's just me.....and you.

I stop at my office long enough to throw my purse on my desk and glance at the clock. 5:45am. Who am I kidding? I knew what I was doing. I just didn't want to admit it to myself. My stomach grows queasy as I quickly glance at my face in the mirror on the wall and smooth my sweating palms down my tight knee length black skirt. Slipping off my single button jacket, I reach up and unbutton one button on my crisp white blouse. Then another. Then another. The swell of my heavy breasts mounds over the top of my white lace bra, holding my blouse open.

Shutting down my mind and reaching deep inside of me, I begin the seemingly endless trek down the hallway to your office. I could walk this mile with my eyes shut - I'd walked it enough in my fantasies. Your door stands ajar and I can see you sitting at your desk, frowning in concentration. Your glasses laid to the side of your desk tell me the intensity you are investing in your current project. Do I dare do this? I start to back away but am caught by your mezmerizing gaze. You know what I'm doing. You know why I'm here. I stand frozen as your gaze challenges me - taunting me. Will I do it, or am I too afraid?

The expression on your face stirs something inside of me. I feel the beginning smoldering of anger. How dare you think I am afraid! That is not the reason I hesitate! How dare you believe that I can not face it! My anger propels me into action and sets my focus on the thing that I have denied for too long - my desire to do this thing. Not for the benefit to me but simply because I want it.

Crossing the threshold of your office, I remove first one shoe and then the other. You pivot your chair to face me with a cocked eyebrow and an expectant air. I stop in front of you and bend at the waist, placing one hand on either arm of your chair. I place my face directly in front of yours. We are so close, I can feel your breathe brushing my skin. I lick my lips slowly, lean in to whisper in your ear "Yes".

At the sound of my voice, my body seems to become a different creature - one completely in control of my being. Watching you, I let one hand leisurely caress your chest through the blue cotton of your dress shirt. I draw myself up to straddle one of your legs and insinuate myself completely into your space. I feel one of your hands caress my volumptuous hip while the other efficiently releases my breasts from their enclosure. You lift first one and then the other to your lips with a sigh of pleasure. I moan as your teeth scrape my nipples.

A sense of urgency overtakes me and I know I simply must have my fantasy fulfilled. Reaching between us, I unfasten your slacks and draw out your rock hard member. Clutching it in my fist, I hear your breathing grow ragged at my ministrations.

"I have to taste you." I whisper to no one in particular as I slide off of your lap and to my knees. You assist my descent by opening your legs and running your hands through my hair. My tongue flicks the head of your cock for the first taste of sweeteness, then beginning at the base and working my way I coat your thick veined rod with my saliva. Unable to tease you without torturing myself, I place the head of your cock to my lips and slide your full length into my mouth and down my throat. Your shock is apparant as you gasp and then moan with pleasure.

Now that I have begun, I can not get enough. Feeling like a starving animal, I begin sucking your cock, my long red nails embedded into your thighs. My gutteral moan of pleasure does not surprise me - I know I love sucking cock and I have been dreaming for so long about sucking yours. My tempo picks up as I feel your legs trembling. I know what I want and I want it so badly. My mouth begins to water in anticipation. If I could speak, I would beg you for it. Your hands begin to knead my head as your hips begin to gyrate. I look up at you, meeting your gaze and letting my need show. I feel you tighten and thrust once into my mouth and begin convusively swallowing as your unload your hot thick cum into my mouth. The bitter, salty taste coats my tongue and throat as I slide your softening cock in and out of my mouth, catching all of your juice and ensuring I have relieved you of every speck of cum I can get.

Leaning back, I watch as you reach for your desk drawer and draw out the money that will fulfill your end of the bargain and extend it to me. Without a word, I take it from your hand, stand, and make my way out of your office, stopping only to slip my feet into my shoes.