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Twelve Days a Slave 13 of 13

2023-01-23 00:03:07

This is the story of a young woman’s conviction as a terrorist and what happens to her when she is sentenced to penal slavery. Penal slavery is not impossible. The thirteenth and fourteenth amendments to the constitution of the United States of America do NOT prohibit slavery. They only LIMIT slavery to punishment for crimes. In other words, the constitution allows penal slavery.

After the woman is convicted, a “sentence negotiator” gets her sentence reduced to a public day of repentance followed by eleven days of public punishment. Following that, she is to serve one year of penal servitude.

This story deals with non-consensual punishment, pain, and involuntary slavery. If such topics offend you or upset you, I would advise skipping this particular book.

There are thirteen chapters to this story. The chapters can be read on their own, but the story is much better understood if the previous portions have been read. A description of the thirteen chapters follows the end of each chapter.

I have come to the conclusion that it was a mistake to post this online serialized into its thirteen chapters rather than publish it as an ebook as I have done with my other full-length stories. This is not because I could have made a couple hundred bucks by publishing it, but rather because by dividing it into totally separate segments, the full story is lost in the individual day episodes. On those sites where it is possible, I will repost the full book.

This story is, in fact, a character study of two people, William and Vicki / Missy as they move slowly into a loving Master / slave relationship. William Wilson initially is in it just for the money– or at least he thinks that. Vicki LeClaire / slave missy is initially angry at herself and the world and wants to be angry with / hate William. But as the days pass, it becomes evident to her that his actions are not motivated out of money and that he actually cares for her.

No, their relationship is not “normal,” but, against the backdrop of a very dystopian society– which is NOT beyond the possibility of existence in the future of our nation– it is nonetheless a very powerful love story.

In this final chapter, slave missy finally reaches her last day of punishment. After having been punished by hand, slipper, paddle, cane, water, and electricity, missy is punished with pleasure. She is strapped into a high-tech denial/teasing/edging device and taken to the very brink of orgasm 46 times.

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WARNING! All of my writing is intended for adults over the age of 18 ONLY. Stories may contain strong or even extreme sexual content. All people and events depicted are fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Actions, situations, and responses are fictional ONLY and should not be attempted in real life.

If you are under the age or 18 or do not understand the difference between fantasy and reality or if you reside in any state, province, nation, or tribal territory that prohibits the reading of acts depicted in these stories, please stop reading immediately and move to somewhere that exists in the twenty-first century.

Archiving and reposting of this story is permitted, but only if acknowledgment of copyright and statement of limitation of use is included with the article. This story is copyright (c) 2015 by The Technician.

Individual readers may archive and/or print single copies of this story for personal, non-commercial use. Production of multiple copies of this story on paper, disk, or other fixed format is expressly forbidden.

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Chapter Thirteen - In this final chapter, Missy finds out that it is, indeed, possible to be punished with pleasure.

Somehow, supper never did get eaten that night. Missy awoke with William curled tightly around her in a spooning position. Missy didn’t remember William ever applying the ointment, but her back– and his front– were all greasy when he uncurled from around her.

“I must not have awakened when you applied the magic potion,” she said sleepily.

“Which time?” he replied and held up an empty tube.

“Let me see your ass,” he said. Missy got up on her hands and knees and teased, “You want more?”

“Eventually,” he said with a chuckle, “but this morning I am more interested in whether or not the salve has you healed up enough for today’s performance.”

“One more day of getting my ass turned into hamburger,” she pouted.

“You haven’t been listening,” he responded. “Today is punishment by pleasure, not pain.”

“Is that even possible?” she asked.

He slid out of the bed and grabbed his clothes off the desk. “Ask me that again when we get back tonight. Right now I am running late getting breakfast ready and neither of us had supper last night.” He turned and walked down the hall into his own room. A few minutes later, missy heard him puttering around in the kitchen.

Breakfast was the typical eggs, bacon and, coffee and then it was time to “clean up, grease up, lock up, and mount up,” as William always said. Except today when she finished applying the oils to her body he was not waiting for her with her chains and collar. Instead he was holding a metal bikini– at least that’s what it looked like when missy first saw it.

“What is that?” she asked as she walked over to the trailer.

Holding up the bottoms he said, “This is a Masters Intimate Devices Lover’s Embrace chastity and denial belt.” Raising the metal top in his other hand he continued, “And this is the matching brassier.” Switching into his stage voice, he said, “This is the perfect device for enforced chastity and denial as well as teasing, edging, and forced orgasm.”

“Wow!” said missy. “How does it do all that?”

In response, William held up two silvery looking dildos. “Accessories go in first,” he said, “and then the whole thing locks on.”

“On me, I assume,” missy said with a sigh.

“Certainly not me,” William laughed.

“Why do I have to put it on now?” she whined.

“Because the show has to end by six,” he answered with a smile. “Hopefully, it will end exactly on time at five, but you have an hour of display following that.”

“I don’t understand,” she said. From the look of confusion on her face, it was obvious she was telling the truth.

“I promise that you will understand completely by the time we get back to the fairgrounds.” William replied. “Now, turn around and bend over.”

Missy did as instructed and William squirted a large glop of gel between her butt cheeks. He then pulled a blue non-latex glove over his hand and pushed the gel into her with his fingers. Missy gasped slightly as the first finger entered her ass and grunted when one finger became two... and then three.

“Had to loosen you up a little,” William said as he pressed the tip of one of the dildos against her now slightly gaping rosebud. He pushed and twisted slightly at the same time and the device slid in.

“Stand and spread your legs slightly,” he then said. Pulling the glove off his right hand, he handed the other dildo to missy and added, “I think you can put this one in yourself.” She squatted slightly and inserted it into her cunt.

“Time for the bottoms,” he said as he stepped around behind her. He reached in front of her and pulled the waistband into place. There was a loud click as it locked behind her. He then reached between her legs and pulled a very flexible metal strap back to the waistband. There was another, not quite so loud, click. He reached back between her legs to make sure that the strap had also connected to the dildos.

Missy jumped slightly as she felt something cold press against her ass cheeks and heard another soft click. William then walked around in front of her and pressed a V-shaped panel into place over her cunt. There was another click as it somehow connected to the back panel and also locked onto to the belt.

“Now the top,” he announced as he once again moved behind her. This time he pulled what looked– and felt– like a metal brassier into place. The metal bra also locked in the back. It hung heavily on her breasts until he reached over her and brought two thin, flexible, metal straps over her shoulders and locked them in place.

“I hope you... or someone... has the key to this,” Missy said as she ran her hands across the shiny metal. “It looks pretty permanent.”

“It’s all computer controlled,” he answered. “But I can unlock it from my laptop when we get back.”

“When we get back!?” Missy shouted. “That will be nine or ten hours from now!”

“Think of it this way,” William said with a smile. “There is no way anyone is going to spank your ass with that in the way.”

Missy started to say something in reply, but he cut her off with “Mount up, we need to get going.” So, she just huffed loudly and held out her arms for the manacles.

“Just the metal you’ve already got on,” he said and pointed to the cage. A few moments later, they were headed into town.

As they left the fairgrounds, slave missy’s eyes suddenly got very wide as both dildos began vibrating softly within her. After a few moments, she gripped the bars on the front of the cage and began moaning softly. Vibrations from the two dildos were starting to get stronger. And then very light electrical pulses began to tease her breasts and nipples.

She had not noticed the LED glowing dimly exactly at the tip of each brassier cup, but now the blue lights glowed brighter and a green light was starting to blink next to it in time to the pulses.

“This might not be so bad,” she said as they rolled toward the town square.

She felt her orgasm starting to build. Her body was starting to undulate as her hips rocked forward on their own.“This ought to pull them in to our last show,” she thought as she realized that she would climax as they were going around the square.

Then everything stopped.

She looked down at the metal covering her breasts. The blue lights were once again glowing dimly. The green light and what appeared to be a yellow and red light also on the cup, were not lit at all.

“Nooooooooo!” she screamed. “Don’t do this to me! Give me pain. I can handle that, or give me pleasure. But don’t take me almost there and then take it away from me!”

William looked back at her, but quickly turned back to watch the road. The heads of everyone watching from the sidewalks turned to follow her as she continued past. A softer “No, no, no, no, no.” erupted from her lips as she felt the vibrations and tingling begin once again.

Halfway back to the fairgrounds, she was once again rocking her body against the bars as the green light flickered on her metal brassier. When the vibrations stopped, she stood rubbing her crotch against the bars, but with the metal covering in place, she could do nothing but shudder in need as the sensations were taken away.

Tears started down her face when the green LEDS flicked to life and the vibrations began once again within her. She was clanging the metal covering over her cunt against the bars as William pulled up onto the stage.

The stage crew attached the cable and released the clamps holding the cage in the trailer, but nothing happened. She didn’t start up into the air. William and the crew stood watching her. What were they waiting for?

The tingle and the vibrations got stronger and stronger. Maybe it was going to let her cum this time. She was almost there. In desperation she pushed her metal-clad tits against the cage and rubbed the metal bottoms against one of the bars. She tightened her grip on the front bars to keep from falling when the waves of pleasure washed over her... but those waves never came.

Instead, microseconds before that magic moment, severe electrical pulses bit into her nipples... and her clit... and her cunt... and her asshole. She could see the red LED flashing brightly out of the corner of her eye as she tilted back her head and screamed, “Nooooooooooooooo!”

The painful pulses lasted at most a second or two, but by the time they had finished, she was nowhere near the top of orgasm mountain. In fact, she wasn’t even on pleasure island.

“That’s three,” she heard William say, and the cage began to rise into the air.

“Three!” she screamed. “Three out of how many?”

William had to have heard her. They probably heard her in town. But he silently got back onto the ATV and drove it off the stage.

The vibrations began once again. Missy was determined that she would not let the sensations sexually excite her, but when the gentle teasing of the pulses began on her nipples... and on her slit, her body went against her wishes and again began to slowly undulate.

“Three out of how many?” she asked herself aloud. As she gripped the bars and tried to keep as far away from orgasm as possible, she already knew the answer. Everything was based on the forty-six stores whose computers had crashed. This would repeat forty-six times! She had forty-three more abortive trips up orgasm mountain ahead of her.

She felt her body begin to shake. She could not control herself. It was getting close... so very close. She tried to brace herself for the severe shocks that would stop everything. And then everything stopped... no shocks... no tingle... no vibration... no anything. She was at that point where the softest touch would send her over the edge, but there was NOTHING!

She slammed her crotch against the bars. She screamed. She yelled. She cursed. She turned around in her cage and she screamed at everyone she could see. As she faced the back wall, she could see that on stage left, there was a projected image of a large counter. As she watched, it rolled over to “04". An almost identical projection on stage right now displayed, “42.”

Slave missy didn’t watch the stage crews set up for the afternoon performance. The infernal metal bikini she was wearing wouldn’t let her think of anything else except her overwhelming need. She tried to block out the sensations– will them away. If she could make pain feel like pleasure, she could make pleasure not feel at all.

She was almost successful. The fifteenth– or was it sixteenth– cycle she concentrated on not feeling anything at all. She told her body that there was no vibration between her legs. There were no electrical impulses tweaking her nipples like gentle fingers. She displayed mental strength that would have impressed ancient Buddhist monks, but The Lover’s Embrace had been programmed for such a defense.

A single, high intensity bolt of pain shot through her nipples and her clit. It was almost like being shocked after shuffling your feet across a carpet in wintertime. It wasn’t extremely painful, but it was impossible to ignore. Her mental wall toppled and the pleasurable sensations once again flooded her body and mind.

The cycles began to speed up. With her defenses destroyed, her body responded rapidly to the stimulation. To those who had arrived early for the show, it seemed like every few minutes she would scream “Nooooo!” and then dissolve into sobbing cries of “Please, please, please, let me cum.” Occasionally she would slam her body against the iron bars. The clanging could be heard throughout the fairground. So, too, could her plaintive cry of “Let me CUM!” Between cycles slave missy would collapse against her bars and cry heavily.

As two o’clock approached, the counter on the back wall indicated that missy had endured thirty-seven cycles of punishment by pleasure. There were nine cycles left to go.

William stepped onto the stage. All of the previous shows had started exactly on time, but today he stood and watched the back wall. Almost everyone else was watching missy as she screamed and sobbed and begged for sexual release.

A couple minutes after two, missy’s shuddering cry of “Noooooo!” could be heard. It was no longer a scream, but it still could be heard all the way to the back row of the grandstands. The counters switched to thirty-eight and eight.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” William shouted out. “Welcome to the eleventh and last day of punishment for our wayward terrorist.” He waited for the applause to die away and then continued. “As you can see, today is a day of punishment by pleasure. And today is sponsored by one of the only companies in the world that can provide you with mechanical devices that will give you as much pleasure... ... as you can afford. I’m talking about Masters Intimate Devices and here now is the founder, CEO, and chief designer of Masters Intimate Devices, Mister Dominick Masters!”

A very distinguished-looking man in his early thirties walked out onto the stage. Like William, he was wearing a tuxedo. Walking with him was a younger woman in a sweeping white sequined evening gown. A step behind them both walked a naked hairless slave.

“Thank you, William,” he said. He spoke in a cheery, but very precise way. “Before I say anything about my company or our wonderful devices,” he continued, “I want to introduce to you my companions.”

Holding the young woman’s hand, he twirled her so that the gown billowed out slightly as she made a complete revolution. “This,” he said with a smile, “is my lovely wife, Alisha.”

He then pointed to the ground at his feet and the naked slave ran up and knelt where he had pointed. “And this is my corporate– and personal– slave, June.” He held his finger up in the air and twirled it in a small circle. June immediately jumped up and began to slowly rotate with her hands held up in a ballerina pose.

“Notice,” he said, “that there although June has no hair at all on her body, there are no brands of any sort. June is not a judicial or penal slave. June is a contractual slave by her own choice. She is an employee and receives very good remuneration, but would probably have accepted the position just for the sexual pleasure that it gives her. She can leave this arrangement at any time, but stays because she gets as much– if not more– pleasure out of serving me as I get by having her around.”

June returned to her kneeling position at his feet as he continued, “My wife, Alisha, is also a contractual slave of sorts.”

The young woman reached up to do something at her neck and her gown dropped to the stage. The stage lights reflected brightly off the metal of The Lover’s Embrace which she was wearing.

He smiled. “Unlike slave missy,” he said pointing up at the cage, “whose Embrace is in teasing and edging mode, Alisha’s is set for denial.”

Holding the microphone up to her he asked, “How long have you had it on this time?”

“Two weeks, Master,” she replied.

Turning to the crowd, he said, “Don’t worry. In just a few minutes, all of that denial will be more than made up for as Alisha demonstrates for us the epitome of sexual stimulation machines, The Unicorn.”

William stepped up alongside him. “Mister Masters,” he began, “is it true that the book The Perfect Sex Toy is actually the story of how you met Alisha?”

“The book is based on reality,” he answered, “but it, of necessity, dramatizes some of the events.” He laughed. “However, it is much closer to the way things actually happened than the movie which will be out this summer.”

“So there is also a movie?” William asked.

“Yes,” Dominick answered, “the movie is why Alisha and I no longer need to be secretive about my company or our relationship. But we are not here to promote a book or a movie. We are here to demonstrate some of our products.”

William gave a one-handed bow indicating that the stage was his and walked back off stage.

“You have all been given brochures which list most of our devices,” Mister Masters said to the audience. “And there are special offers in those brochures that can be redeemed on line or over the phone. All of the information is there in the brochure. If you go on line, beneath the image of each device is a link which will take you to a video which shows what that device can do.”

He laughed lightly, “I wouldn’t advise clicking on those links from work unless you have a very understanding boss.” He laughed again and added, “Or, like me, you own the company.”

He pointed upward once again and said, “The video of slave missy’s day of punishment by pleasure will also soon be available for free viewing on the website.”

He reached into his pocket and took out a small smart phone. “But you are not watching a video today. You are getting a live demonstration.” He held up the phone. “This is an ordinary smart phone with the proper MID app installed.” He pressed something on the screen. There was a soft click and the front and back plates of Alisha’s metal bottoms sagged open.

June stood and came over to Alisha. She removed both plates and set them on the ground. There was another click and the belt between Alisha’s legs dropped so that it hung from the front. One more click and the waistband hung loose. June removed it and set it on the ground.

“There are a vaginal and an anal dildo which are included with The Lover’s Embrace,” he explained. “They are needed for the teasing and edging mode, but not for the denial mode.” He reached out and lightly stroked Alisha’s ass. Her whole body trembled at the slight touch.

“In fact,” he continued, “not putting the dildos in place adds emptiness to the denial and makes things even more difficult.” Stroking her ass once again he asked, “Isn’t that true, precious?”

“Yes, Master,” she shuddered out.

“All of the electronics for stimulation,” he said quickly, “are built into the brassier portion of the Embrace so for denial mode all you need do is keep that dormant.”

He pressed the screen of his phone once again and there were three small clicks. June lifted the bra from Alisha’s body. Then, scooping up the other pieces, she walked off stage.

As June was leaving the stage, four stage hands rolled a platform out into center stage. On the platform was something that looked like a portion of a horse with a saddle on it. The horse itself was all metal and had a bright rainbow flowing across both sides of it. The saddle appeared to be leather and was a very dark brown. From the front, extending upward at an angle, was a large spiral, twisted, horn.

“The Unicorn can be ridden at floor level like that other company’s machine, or raised slightly, or even raised completely as it is now, so that you are basically standing over it or riding it like a true horse.” Mister Masters explained.

“I call your attention to the Unicorn’s main horn,” he continued. “Note the wrist restraints which attach firmly to the horn.” As he spoke, the long, spiraled horn began to glow brighter and slowly shift through the colors of the spectrum.

Alisha approached the machine and climbed onto the saddle. Mister Masters continued his explanation. “The Unicorn’s dildos– we call them horns– are withdrawn when the machine is not in use. They are computer-controlled and will properly align themselves to your openings at the beginning of a session as the computer moves them into place. A new session is activated when you sit down and put your arms and legs in the restraints.”

As soon as Alisha was seated, the soft sounds of Celtic harp music began to play through the sound system. She raised her ankles slightly behind her and set them in the lower half of padded, metal restraints. She then reached forward, and placed her wrists in the restraints on the front horn. When she did so, several lights came on within the white, spiraled horn and a mechanical voice came through the sound system.

“Do you wish to begin a session?” it asked.

“Yes,” Alisha answered firmly.

“Are the vaginal and anal horns the size you desire?”

She answered, “Yes, they are the right size.”

“Are you ready for insertion?” it asked. “If so, say ‘Insert.’ To stop insertion, just say ‘Stop.’”

Alisha took a breath and said, “Insert.”

She twitched slightly as she felt something touch between the cheeks of her ass. It slid slightly back and forth as it centered on her rosebud and then it began to rotate very slowly as it pushed into her. It was well-lubricated and slid into her with little resistance.

There was a slight beep and then something touched her labia. Again, it moved slightly as it centered on the opening and then began rotating very slowly as it pushed into her cunt. The dildo was comfortably large within her.

There was another beep and she felt the saddle change shape slightly as it pressed more tightly against her crotch. A bump seemed to grow in the saddle which pushed slightly against the front of her cunt, just below her clit.

“Choose level of session,” the mechanical voice instructed. “Say ‘Mild’, ‘Moderate’, ‘Intense’, or ‘Extreme’.”

Alisha looked over at Dominick and smiled. Then she said, “Extreme.”

“That will involve features of the Unicorn that you might find unpleasant,” the voice warned. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes,” she answered.

The mechanical voice then said,“Extreme mode requires use of breast unit.”

Julia stepped around from behind Alisha carrying something that looked very much like the Lover’s Embrace brassier except that it was made of a leather which matched the Unicorn’s saddle.

Once it was in place, and the blue lights on the front of the bra came on, the machine said, “Please understand that this is your absolutely last chance to cancel the session. There will be no safe word or action that can stop the program once the cycle has begun. If you wish to cancel, say ‘Cancel’ now three times. If you wish to continue, place the bit into your mouth and bite down slightly.”

Alisha moved her head slightly forward and pulled what appeared to be a thick, but stubby, dildo into her mouth. She evidently bit down as instructed, because shortly thereafter, two halves of a metal restraint swung around from behind the dildo to encircle her head and hold her firmly in place. The restraints on her wrists and ankles closed at the same time.

The crowd watched as she squirmed slightly on the saddle. Unknown to them, the dildos were now moving slightly in her cunt and ass.

Mister Masters explained to the crowd what was happening. “Unlike our competitor’s machine,” he said, “the saddle adjusts to conform to her shape so that it is now pressing against her clit. There is also a small vibrator in that portion of the saddle.” A gasp from Alisha confirmed that the saddle nub pressed against her own had begun to vibrate..

A soft, but powerful hum now filled the arena. She rocked her pelvis slightly against the saddle as the dildos began to move within her.

“She is now feeling the Unicorn’s knot,” Mister Masters explained. “It is modeled after what happens with a dog, whose penis expands into a giant ball on the end to keep him locked inside his bitch. Except in this case, the knot can travel up and down the length of the dildo on the inside.”

Alisha began to writhe and moan in the saddle.

“Since there is very little actual rubbing of skin to plastic,” he continued, “there is none of the micro tearing you usually get in anal penetration or when stretching the walls of the vagina. It’s like your lover is wearing a very thick condom and sliding within it.”

Alisha’s body was now covered with sweat. She was struggling frantically against both the wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs. Her head pulled against the metal band which held her tight to the now glowing Unicorn spear. From her muffled screams and the reaction of her body, she had already experienced four orgasms, but the fiendish device was still driving her ever higher.

The red lights on the front of the bra cups and on the tip of the spear now began flashing brightly. Mister Masters stepped forward and addressed the crowd, “At a certain point,” he said, “pleasure and pain merge. The body can stand no more pleasure and further stimulation is useless.” He gestured toward his wife’s sweat-drenched body. “But as long as you are still conscious, the body is always open to more pain.”

He chuckled. “My precious little slave is now well past the stage of knowing the difference between pleasure and pain, so what her body feels is just more stimulation.”

He paused and watched with the audience as she continued to buck and writhe on the humming machine. “In a moment,” he said dramatically, “she will be just at the edge of consciousness. In her mind she is standing on the top of the highest mountain of pleasure possible, poised to leap into the brilliance of true ecstasy. ... But her body doesn’t know how to take flight.”

Alisha was on the very edge. You could hear it in her muffled cries. You could see it in her struggling body. She was a micro-second from her leap into ecstasy when... EVERYTHING stopped.

It was totally silent in the room. It was as if time had stopped. No one spoke. No one moved. Mister Masters held up his finger as if to say, “Wait for it.”

After several seconds his voice softly filled arena,“But you can always fly into ecstasy on the Masters Intimate Devices’ Unicorn”.

That’s when it happened. Spotlights flashed on, brightly illuminating the Unicorn and reflecting off Alisha’s sweat-drenched body while at the same time, the hum slammed back, only now it was much louder and much more raspy. The Unicorn’s spear flashed brightly, strobing through the colors of the rainbow, except the tip, which flashed bright red indicating that all electrical pulses were now at extreme maximum.

Alisha’s body exploded. It was more than quivers. It was more than spasms. It was violent thrashing almost strong enough to tear loose the bindings on her arms, legs, and head. And despite the penis gag, her wail was loud enough to echo through the stands and drown out all other sound.

Her extended scream continued well past the minute mark. People began looking at one another wondering how long she could keep up such a crescendo of climax. Some even began to look at their watches. Several of the women present squirmed slightly where they sat or stood. All were wondering what it would be like to experience such an intense orgasm. Would they even be able to survive it?

At last the wail trailed off like a steam whistle running out of pressure. As the sound decreased, Alisha’s body began to relax until she was hanging senseless in her restraints. Several large men dressed in black jeans and T-shirts walked in and rolled the equipment down the ramp and around the back of the stage with Alisha’s unconscious body still hanging in place.

Mister Masters stepped forward to the front of the stage. “That, my friends,” he said, “is the Masters Intimate Device’s Unicorn in its extreme cycle. Yes, it is a bit pricey, but the best always is.”

He made a sweeping hand gesture across the entire crowd and then toward a camera crew which had moved in slightly from one side. “The Unicorn can be used, as it was today, for self-fulfillment. Or you can use it as punishment... or reward for your favorite submissive or slave.”

He smiled at the camera, “These units are always in stock. You can order on the website or by phone.”

“Speaking of punishment and reward,” William said as he joined Mister Masters at center stage. “According to the counters at the back of the stage, our repentant terrorist has now endured forty-four edging and denial cycles of The Lover’s Embrace. Don’t you think we should bring her down here?”

Mister Masters nodded his head in agreement and the crowd thundered their approval as slave missy’s cage slowly descended to the stage. She was standing at the front of the cage hanging onto the bars. Her voice was soft... and desperate. “Please, please, please, please, please,” she was wailing. “Please let me cum. I can’t stand this. I’ll do anything if you will just let me cum!”

The audience responded to her pleas with more loud cheering and applause. One voice was heard above the crowd yelling, “I’ve GOT to get one of those for my wife.”

“That’s forty-five,” William said loudly. “One more cycle of punishment.”

Missy began to softly chant, “No, no, no, no, no, no, no,” as the stimulation began once again.”

“What would you do to get this to stop?” Mister Masters asked.

“ANYTHING!” she screamed back.

“If I give you an orgasm, will you let me hold you on the very edge for the complete hour of your display afterwards?” he asked.

“YES!” she screamed. “Anything. Anything. I’ll do anything! Just let me cum!”

It was obvious she was very, very close to an orgasm. She looked hopefully at William, but he mouthed back at her, “One more.”

Her body arched and thrashed as the scream tore from her mouth. The lights on the tips of the metal brassier were glowing bright red indicating that severe electric shocks were jolting her body.

Then the lights went out for a moment and the green light began to flicker. “Please, please, please,” she sobbed. “Please, Master, let me cum.”

“That was forty-six,” William said softly. “This one is for pleasure only.”

Missy looked at him through red and watery eyes. Then her mouth opened wide. The dildos were both vibrating stronger and stronger. It felt as if the one in her ass were getting longer and shorter, almost as if it were fucking her.

“Oh, oh, oh,” she began to say. “Oooohhhhhhhh!” she started to wail. “Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!” she began to scream.

Her hands let go of the bars as her body began to flail around within the confines of the cage. She was standing in the center of the cage shaking as if thousands of volts of electricity were flowing through her body, but it was just the orgasmic release of the pent-up frustration and need of forty-six thwarted trips to the edge of ecstacy.

The crowd clapped and shouted as she continued to scream and shake with her release. Finally, they quieted and so did she. She now stood limply against the front of the cage.

She gave William a very crooked smile and said, “Thank you.”

“Let’s hear it one last time for Masters Intimate Devices,” William shouted and the crowd again broke into cheers and applause.

June and Alisha, who was recovered from her ordeal but was still totally naked, joined Dominick Masters on stage and bowed to the audience. William called for one more round of applause as they left the stage and then turned to face one of the cameras. “That concludes our repentant terrorist’s days of repentance and punishment. Slave missy and I will be touring for the next year, so catch us when we come to your town. Remember videos of any day– or the whole twelve days– are available at our website.

He then walked off the stage as slave missy’s cage once again ascended into the air. She stood breathing heavily and then settled into her relaxed position with her back against the bars and her feet against the front of the cage. Quite a few members of the crowd remained staring up at her or taking pictures. Those closest could hear the buzz of two vibrators turning on. Most could see the green lights on the front of the brassier began to flicker.

“No, no, no, no, no, no,” missy said quietly. “Not again. Not again.”

This time it was different. This time rather than taking her to the edge and dropping her back to nothing, the vibrations and tingle took her to the edge and held her there. A low wail came from her lips as she remembered Dominick Masters words to her, “If I give you an orgasm, will you let me hold you on the very edge for the complete hour of your display afterwards?” he had asked her. She had said, “Yes.”

By the time William returned an hour later with the trailer to take her back to the RV, missy was writhing in the cage. She still had her back against the back bars of the cage and still had her feet wedged against the base of the front bars, but now her hands were clamped tightly around the bars above her head and her hips were thrusting upward toward a lover only she could see.

As he locked the cage into place on the trailer, she gave a wailing moan and begged, “Please, Master, get me out of this so I can finish myself.”

“When we get back to the RV,” he answered.

“Then make it finish me,” she pleaded. “I need to cum!”

William turned to get on the ATV. “I don’t know how,” he said. “Dominick made sure I knew how to open it, but he said I could work on the rest later. I’ll get you out of it as soon as we get back to the RV.”

Like he had done once before when missy was unable to walk very far, he pulled the cage up to the door of the RV. As he opened the cage door, he muttered, “I’ll put it away in the morning,” and helped missy up into the RV.

She staggered back toward the bedroom and stood next to the bed swaying with the pulses. William followed her with his phone in his hand. “Wait,” she breathed heavily. “I want you to finish me as soon as I am out of this metal torture device. Please get ready. Take off your clothes and get on the bed.”

She looked at him with plaintive eyes. “Please, Master, do this for me,” she said between heavy sighs as the pulses held her at the edge of orgasm.

William answered, “If that’s what you want, missy.”

A few moments later he was laying naked on the bed with the phone in his hands. “I think this sequence is supposed to unlock all locks,” he said quietly as he entered several numbers.

Several things happened all at once. With a series of clicks all of the locks on the device opened; missy tore the brassier from her body and dropped it on the floor; she then pulled and twisted the panels so they would release from the belt and wiggled the belt down her legs to the floor; and finally, missy launched herself at William, pushing him over onto his back and impaling herself on his half-erect member.

Perhaps it was because of the surprise, or maybe it was just that there was no way that he could match her frenzied thrusts and bounces, but William lay quietly while missy released the pent-up energy of an hour on the edge. He quickly stiffened within her and after a few minutes ejaculated inside of her as she bounced and screamed, “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,” with each thrust.

He was nearly soft once again, but still within her when she stopped bouncing and began to grind herself against him. A cry of “Aaaaaaahhhhhh”came from her lips as her body went totally stiff. Her hands flew to her breasts and she pinched and twisted her nipples between her fingers. She then threw herself forward onto his chest and held him tightly with her legs alongside his and with her arms alongside his chest. She then gave a long, “Mmmmmmmmmm,” that faded into nothingness as her body totally relaxed.

William reached up and stroked her back, but she gave no response. She was either unconscious or asleep on his chest.

William continued to slowly stroke her back for what seemed to him like an hour, but was probably only a few minutes. Finally her eyes fluttered open and she responded with another, softer, “Mmmmmmmmmmm.”

Lying on his chest, she asked, “What happens now?”

He answered, “When you think you’re ready, we’ll get up and I’ll fix us supper.”

“No,” she replied, “I mean what happens after today. My days of punishment are over. What happens now?”

“Well,” he began, “for the next two weeks not much happens. You deserve a break and I figured you needed some time to truly heal. I thought we might drive down to the beaches in southern Texas and give you a chance to go swimming in the ocean.”

Missy giggled, “I’ve always wanted to go skinny-dipping,” she answered, “but I never had the nerve before.”

William laughed slightly, “And you don’t have worry about getting arrested,” he replied. “The law is clear that a slave must be nude whenever the temperature is above 58 degrees.”

“What happens after that?” she asked, her voice becoming much more serious.

“We go on tour,” he answered, “like the bus says. One show mid-week, then three shows on the weekend– Friday night, Saturday night, and a Sunday matinee.”

“Will the shows be like the past eleven days have been,” missy asked.

“Not exactly,” he replied, “but close. We have the punishment platforms from Madison, the smooth metal flogging post from the whipmaster, the spanking benches and paddles from the lottery, that metal bikini you left on the floor, and Mister Master’s Unicorn. We will mix them up depending on the crowd and what undercard or other performances are at the venue. There might be a couple of other special events thrown in, but I don’t have anything set up yet.”

“I have two requests,” she said quietly.

“Shoot,” he replied.

“When you use the bikini to tease me,” she said, “put me at ground level and tie me between two of the restraining posts. I’ve got bruises all over my back and shoulders where I slammed myself against the bars trying to get off.”


“When you use the robot to cane me at the Sunday Matinee,” she said softly looking away from William, “bring me back here and make love to me right after the show.”

“Why is that so important?”

“That way,” she answered, still looking away from him, “I become addicted to you rather than to the pain.”

He laughed and said, “No problem.”

Missy turned her head back to face him. “What happens after that?”

“You mean at the end of the tour?” he asked.

She nodded her head yes.

“The money sentence has been satisfied,” he began, “so the tour will be just one year. At the end of that you are once again free. You can take back your name, if you want. Or you can take my name if you are willing to become my wife.”

“Vicki LeClaire is dead,” missy said slowly and softly. “Too much has happened to me. Becoming a slave has peeled away so much of what I thought I was. What is left is the true me. I could never go back.”

She sniffed sightly, “Besides, my hair will never grow back and these brands are permanent. No matter who I say I am, everyone will know that inside I am just slave missy. Maybe I always was. In any case, I could never take back my old name.”

She looked down sadly and then suddenly her eyes and mouth opened wide. “You said ‘wife’!” she exclaimed. “Are you asking me to marry you?”

“We have to wait ‘til the year is up,” he answered. “But yes, I am asking you to marry me, if you are willing.”

“Why do we have to wait?” she asked.

“Because slave marriages are very special under the law,” he replied. “They have to be approved by two different judges and once you are married, it is permanent– at least for me.”

“What do you mean permanent?”

“Because a slave may be forced to marry, if by nothing else, trying to please his or her Master,” he explained. “Once you marry a slave, she is yours forever. She can leave, but you can never divorce her or kick her out no matter what happens. A slave marriage is permanent.”

“Is that why you don’t want to marry me until the year is up?” she asked.

“No,” he answered. “I don’t want to marry you until the year is up because I want you to be able to make the choice as a free woman.”

“I just told you,” she replied, hugging him and putting her head on his chest, “I will never truly be a free woman ever again.” She paused and grinned at him before continuing. “Actually, in many ways, I am freer now that I have ever been before in my life. And this very free slave says ‘Yes’ to your offer of marriage.”

“Then why don’t we make this trip south a honeymoon?” he said. “We have to meet with the judge to turn in the report on your days of punishment, and there has to be a second judge present during that meeting.” He laughed, “That’s to guarantee that someone doesn’t offer a judge a chance to closely examine their brands or something like that.”

“I’ve always wanted to go to North Padre Island,” she said excitedly. “There is a campground right there by the beach, or you can even camp on the beach if you are willing to risk getting the bus stuck.”

“We meet with the judges tomorrow afternoon,” he said. “There’s no waiting period in this state, so we can pick up the licence in the morning and have them marry us after the fulfillment of terms of sentencing meeting.”

Missy snuggled in once again against his chest. “Have you ever thought,” she asked, “of extending the tour?” Her eyes looked up at him and she grinned. “You know, just an appearance every week or so to keep the equipment from rusting or whatever?”

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Chapter Summaries

Chapter One: Vicki LeClaire is convicted of all charges. A sentencing agreement is negotiated by William Wilson, a professional slave sentence negotiator. This chapter primarily sets the scene for the rest of the book. Once that is done, the action near the end centers around public nudity and public humiliation.

Chapter Two: Vicki’s “Day of Repentance” and her humiliating descent into slavery, including being renamed as slave missy. This chapter centers primarily on public nudity and public humiliation.

Chapter Three: The first of missy’s 11 days of public punishment. On this first day of punishment, Master Hiroya Takahashi demonstrates properly-trained pony girls, and instructs missy on the proper way to receive a punishment spanking. The focus of this chapter is pony girls and public spanking.

Chapter Four: The second day of punishment begins with a flogging contest by a company called Judicial Placements Incorporated. Her negotiator... and new Master, William Wilson, flogs missy the required forty-six times to fulfill the terms of her sentence. This chapter is totally focused on non-consensual flogging.

Chapter Five: Slave missy’s third day of punishment. She is once again subject to a spanking, this time by the head of a private girls’ reformatory. Before her spanking, several of the young women from the reformatory also receive public punishment. This is a spanking chapter with bare hand, slipper, paddle, and leather belt.

Chapter Six: The fourth day. On this day of punishment, she is caned... by a robot, or more accurately, by a computer-driven mechanical spanking machine. Before her caning, James Madison demonstrates his company’s machines. This chapter focuses on mechanical flogging, paddling, and caning. It also delves into self-bondage and pain-pleasure.

Chapter Seven: The fifth day. Slave missy is punished by water combined with heat, cold, and electricity. This chapter focuses on various types of water punishment.

Chapter Eight: On the sixth day of her punishment, missy is introduced to “The Whipmaster.” Before punishing her he provides a demonstration of his abilities. The chapter is focused on public nudity, public humiliation, and public flogging of one sort or another.

Chapter Nine: The seventh day for slave missy is a day for electro-punishment. Slave missy becomes part of the vidshow, “Wheel of Pleasure, Wheel of Pain.”

Chapter Ten: The eighth day introduces a unique punishment– punishment by combat. There is also an undercard of slave wrestling with humiliation and pain in store for the loser.

Chapter Eleven: The ninth day of punishment is a lottery. The public is given the chance to paddle the repentant terrorist. Eight lucky winners each get to give her five swats with a special paddle. One lucky winner gets to finish the forty-six required for her punishment by laying six swats of the paddle across missy’s ass. The undercard is also part of the lottery. Three slaves in need of punishment will each receive 20 swats, again with one lottery winner delivering 5 of those swats. In addition there are two volunteers. One is a male member of the stage crew who is coming out as a pain slut. The other is a woman who has been at every performance so far and wants to experience public punishment and humiliation. Hers is a special case and her husband will deliver however many swats it takes to make her cum. Twenty-five winners were chosen to participate. Each was asked to write a short essay saying why they should be the one to deliver the final six to the repentant terrorist. The winner finishes off missy.

Chapter Twelve: This tenth day returns missy to old school punishment as she receives an old-fashioned caning. There is also a contest between slaves to see who can withstand the most strokes of the cane.

Chapter Thirteen: (Last Chapter) Slave missy finally reaches her final day of punishment. After having been punished by hand, slipper, paddle, cane, water, and electricity, missy is punished with pleasure. She is strapped into a high-tech denial/teasing/edging device and taken to the very brink of orgasm 46 times.