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Office Slave: Chapter 6 - First Morning of Her New Life_(0)

2023-01-22 00:19:57

Rachel felt his hard cock parting her pussy lips stretching her walls, sliding deeper into her love tunnel.

She didn’t open her eyes, just pictured him. The large handsome Spaniard she had met on the beach. Who'd whisked her off her feet, with his dark skin and rock hard abs. He'd taken her in his arms for a night of passion she would never forget The way he had held, and caressed her breasts as he inserted her from behind; her arse pressing against his groin. She could feel her wetness as his shaft slid effortlessly inside her. Penetrating her deep; filling her with lust. She gasped as he pinched her nipples causing them both pain and pleasure in equal measure. Gradually he upped the pace, pushing harder into her, pushing his cock deep into her body. She couldn't help herself she started to moan and shout as the increased pace sent her nerves into overdrive and pushed her to climax.

"Ohhhh" she panted. "Ohhhh, yes... Fernando." She gasped.

"What? Who's Fernando? My names Toby not fucking Fernando. You filthy whore."

And suddenly Rachel was dragged back to reality. It wasn't the beautiful Fernando sleeping with her, it was fucking Toby. The pain of the last night returned. Her wrists and ankles stung from where the ropes had dug in; her nipples throbbed every time he pinched them; her pussy ached as he raped her and her moans of pleasure became screams of pain and anguish. She wriggled desperately trying to get him to stop.

"That's it. Wriggle bitch! It turns me on more." Toby goaded, gripping her harder and pulling her onto him. Each time she fought he gripped her harder squeezing her breasts and hips till they hurt, and then he thrust more and more violently. "I'm nearly done slut."

Rachel stopped fighting and lay there sobbing into a pillow as he thrust inside her, wishing it was over.

Luckily for her, it wasn't long until her wish was granted. Toby was enjoying himself too much, sliding himself in and out her, her still wet snatch gliding him in further and further, increasing the tightness around his member. The feeling of her large breasts beneath his palms also turned him on massively. He was getting close to climax.

Toby removed himself allowing him a little time to recover, and lifted Rachel up so she was on her knees. He then knelt behind her and gripped her hips for the grand finale. He pushed his dick back inside her tight, clenching pussy, grunting at his efforts to force his way inside. He then started to slide in and out, pushing deeper with every thrust. Once he was fully inside, so that his balls kissed the top of her legs when he pumped forward, he started to up the pace; thrusting harder, pulling her onto him as he did; fucking her like a rag doll.

"Ohhh" Rachel squealed. He was punishing her pussy, his cock pummelling in and out of her so fast, her wet snatch allowing him to do her with such force.

Why was her body betraying her? She wondered. Doggy style had always been her favourite position; the deepness with which the cock would go, the way the base pressed into her clit and the force with which a man could take her in that position. The whole thing made her body shake uncontrollably; just like was happening now. She knew she shouldn't be enjoying this, but her body was responding; her pussy was slick, her clit was tingling and her breath was getting shorter and shorter.

Toby could feel her pussy muscles clenching around his cock; and the moans of pleasure as he penetrated her. This wasn't supposed to happen. But he was too far gone to care, as he could feel himself building up and and before too long he could feel the tightening of his balls and then his cock, as he exploded inside her; impaling her pussy as he squirted his load.

"Nooooo" Rachel screamed as she felt the first stream of sperm, squirting inside her. He wasn't wearing a condom. What if she got pregnant by this monster. It would ruin her career, her life. She pounded her fists against the bed, in frustrating and anger. "Why weren't you wearing a condom??" She cried.

"Because it feels much better without. You are my sex slave, if I want to cum in your dirty little cunt I will." He said, shoving his still hard dick further inside her to reaffirm the point.

"But what if I get pregnant?" She moaned.

"Don't worry about that. I have contraceptive pills for you to take. I don't want a little brat spoiling my plans" Toby told her.

Rachel was at least relieved at this. The last thing she wanted was a child by this monster.

She could feel his dick softening inside her and as he slid himself out she could feel his sperm dribbling out of her and along the curve where her inside leg met her mound. It felt gross the warm sticky liquid running over her skin.

Toby recoiled. "Euggghh, it's going all over the place" he shouted snatching up a pair of Rachel's underwear and unceremoniously pressing them to her leaking fanny. "Squeeze your legs together to hold it in place!"

Rachel did as bid. Meanwhile Toby stood up and started untying Rachel's legs from the bottom of the bed. It felt so good when he removed the rope and stopped it biting into her ankles. He even gave them a rub to bring a bit of life back into them. He then moved to the top of the bed and untied her wrists from the headboard.

"I'll keep your wrists tied. Don't want any funny business." Toby told her and he then bent down and placed one hand under her knees and the other under her shoulders and scooped her up before placing her down so she was sat on the loo.

He pulled her knickers out from between her thighs and Rachel could feel his sticky sperm finally flow out of her. As she had just woken up, she was also desperate for a wee and enjoyed the blessed relief of releasing liquid out of two holes at the same time.

"My dick is all dirty but I've wasted too much time fucking your worthless cunt. I don't have time for a shower; so you'll just have to suck my cock clean” Toby teased

“Hey you can take your pill at the same time." And he took out a pack of tablets; she recognised the same pink packaging as when she was with her last boyfriend; Toby used the juices to stick the tablet on top of his shaft very near the base.

"Right you've got to get that much in your mouth to get the pill" He goaded.

Rachel felt sick.

"You don't want to get pregnant do you?" He added.

That she definitely didn't want. So she opened up and put her lips and tried to take the whole lot in one. But as soon as his tip touched her tonsils she started to cough. He'd placed it too far, she was going to have to work for this blessed tablet. So she placed her lips over his bellend getting her mouth accustomed to the widest part of his member, feeling the ridge pressing against the roof of her mouth. She slid her lips further and further taking more and more of his thick cock into her, she could feel it stiffening again in her mouth, eventually it got too much. Her mouth felt overwhelmed as his thickness spread her lips and consumed her. So she ran her lips back up her cock to a slightly more manageable girth.

Toby loved the feeling. How her full lips looped round his wood; how her warm breath warmed the blood pulsing through him; how her wet tongue licked the sticky spunk off the underside of his shaft and how his bell end pressed against the top, bottom and back of her mouth. It felt good to completely fill her trap. The second time Rachel managed to slide her mouth even further into her mouth. He could feel his bell end pressing on the back of her throat, tickling her gag reflex so Rachel had to pull back once more.

Maybe he had put it too far down. But Rachel refused to accept this and the third time she slid onto his cock, Rachel managed to get her lips just past the pill and ran her lips up all the way dextrously sliding the pill off and into her mouth. She gulped it down relieved. However she could see the disappointment on his face. She knew that didn't bode well. His cock was rock hard still.

"Well I suppose you need some liquid to wash your tablet down don't you?? I always need a drink with my tablets. Here why don't I give you something." And he started to jerk off.

It was a very weird spectacle for Rachel, seeing him pump his cock hard and fast right in front of her face, sliding his hand from his tip to his base. Again and again, rubbing back and forth. His breathing was getting heavier too.

"Suck my bell end!" He panted. And so Rachel took his cock back into her mouth and started to suck on his tip. She knew what was coming she could feel the blood vessels in his cock contracting and she realised if she didn't suck him off properly his cum would spurt all over her face. And so she slid her lips a little deeper onto his pole. Toby almost took this as a cue as he grabbed the back of her head and pulled her onto him. The speed and forced pulled him right past her gag reflex; impaling her mouth and throat onto his rod, until her lips were being tickled by the hairs at the bottom of his shaft.

The feel of her warm mouth and throat engulfing him was too much and he squirted right there and then.

Rachel could feel the streams of spunk, squirt out of him and down her trachea. She couldn't even swallow with her mouth so full. She just had to suffer the slow trickle into her belly. She was also struggling for air as his dick blocked her wind pipe. She fought against him but he held her there until the last ounce of sperm was out of him. Then he released her gasping and choking for breath.

Toby left her to recover; and started to shave.

"What a great way to start the morning" he said.

Rachel didn't reply. She just sat there still on the loo and started to cry.

Toby was all clean and shaven now. He rushed into the bedroom and looked at the time. 8:00 he had only an hour till the meeting. He was running very late but the thoughts of the morning were still too fresh to worry about that. He started to put on his suit. He then went back into the bathroom to have one last wee. In his haste to get ready he had completely forgotten about Rachel. Who was still sat on the loo crying.

"Stop crying slut. I don't have time for that." Toby said ripping a tissue off the roll and passing it to her. She blew her nose hard and I gave her another to wipe her eyes.

"Can I have one more please?" She asked. I handed her one and she reached down between her legs to wipe her pussy. Not an easy job with her hands tied together. Toby couldn't help but laugh at her pushing both hands between her legs.

"Right get up." Toby ordered. "I've got to go!" And he took her arm and dragged her to her feet, pulling her into the bedroom and throwing her onto the bed.

"Please don't tie me up again" she begged. Toby didn't even respond as he grabbed her wrists and tied them back to the head board. He then grabbed one ankle and tied that to the knob at the bottom corner. He then looped another rope around her other ankle and pulled her legs wide apart by tying that ankle to the knob on the other corner.

"Please stop" Rachel pleaded.

"Why would I do that? Besides I've got a treat for you. But first I need you to phone in sick" he said picking up Rachel's mobile, punching in the work number and putting it to one ear and the gun to the other.

Rachel did her job well saying how she had been sick all night and wouldn't be coming into work. The gun to her head provided enough coercion.

"Good slave. Now here's your reward." And he reached down and pulled out a bright green vibrator. Toby loved this device he'd once turned his previous girlfriend into a quivering mess with this, so that she would do anything he wanted. The vibrator has two parts the first being a long and quite thick dildo that would slide deep into the girls pussy, the second part was a rabbit that curled up off of the main shaft and when the dildo was pushed all the way the rabbit squeezed down on the clitoris so that when the vibrator was turned on it electrified her from both the inside and out. Toby thought Rachel deserved something good considering how much abuse he'd given her.

Rachel however was looking at it wearily. "What the fuck is that?" She squealed.

"I call it the orgasmatron" Toby joked.

"No, you're not putting that in me!" and she started to fight against her bonds.

"Stop!" Toby shouted. Rachel looked at him, but she was still wriggling. So Toby gripped her nipples and pulled until she stopped.

"Now listen here! You are my slave. You must do everything I say without question. You accept anything I tell you to do. And now I know it must have been hard for you to adjust to this. And actually I think you have been very well behaved so far considering. So I have decided to reward you. And if your master decides to reward you, then you take it and thank him. Because only I know what's good for you. If I say this is a reward then it is a reward and it doesn't matter one bit whether you actually like it. Ok?"

"Yes" she replied.

"Yes what?"

"Yes Master"

"Good. Now here is your reward." Toby said positioning the end of the device against her pussy hole.

"Thank you Master" Rachel said with a hint of sarcasm.

"Good your learning." Toby said with a smile on his face as he started to push the dildo inside her. She was so tight; her muscles were squeezing against it trying to stop the device entering inside.

Rachel was wincing in pain as the dildo rubbed against her dry pussy walls. "Please stop. It hurts" she begged.

Toby flipped. "Stop moaning!" He shouted at her. "I am your master and I am shoving this dildo as far up your cunt as it will go whether you like it or not!" And he slammed his palm into the base of the dildo, forcing it deep inside her.

Rachel screamed in pain as it forced its way past her aching muscles, the dildo scraping against her dry walls.

"I'm tired of your noise. I think I'll gag you again." And he put his stinky underwear in her mouth. Rachel struggled not to choke as the foul taste entered her mouth. Toby then added a ball gag to complete the look.

Rachel started to cry. As Toby pushed the last few inches of dildo inside her, she continued to cry out, but the gag saved her from further punishment. She used this to her advantage to aim a torrent of swear words at Toby.

Toby knew what she was saying but he ignored the muffled mumbles that actually came out and worked the last inch of dildo inside her. Now that it was fully inside her, the rabbit was cupping the curve of her mound perfectly. He pulled her lips apart so that it touched all of the soft, sensitive skin beneath and most importantly had full contact with her clit.

Rachel scowled at him as he played with her fanny. She caught his eye and started another torrent of abuse, anger in her eyes. But then he flicked the switch...

Her eyes rolled back as the device buzzed into life. There were no swear words muffled behind that gag. Just moans of pleasure as the electricity pulsed through her loins, radiating out from the little circle at the top of her slit. Her whole body tensed; her back arching, raising her off the bed, pushing her breasts up towards him. Toby couldn't resist slapping one of them and watch it jiggle but she was too overcome to feel the pain. She looked so hot. But he had a meeting to go to.

"Right, I'm off." He shouted over her moans. "You'll be fine like that won't you, I'll be back in a few hours"

This shocked her, she didn't expect to be left like this. She started to complain through the gag. But Toby just ignored her, grabbed his coat and his briefcase and left.

He knew that when he came back her pussy would be so dripping wet that she would do anything for him. He was going to have a fun afternoon. But first to business!