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2023-01-20 21:55:06

It’d been raining all day, and after hours of walking down the highway Peaches was soaked to the bone. She normally liked storms, but this one was pissing her off. Despite throwing her thumb up at every passing car, no one had stopped to pick up the teenager and most didn’t even bother stealing a glance at her pitiful form. Her normally thick red curls were plastered to her head and her ratty clothes stuck uncomfortably to her skin. She cussed all the way down the road, hollering obscenities when another car would blow past her at 65 and spray her with more water. She knew they couldn’t hear, but it made her feel better.

Finally, the distant roar of a truck’s Jake brake alerted her to sweet relief on its way. She stole a glance behind her and caught sight of the shiny, older Kenworth pulling to a loud stop next to her. It was towing an unmarked white trailer, and judging by how much chrome the truck wore its driver wasn’t doing too bad for himself. Her pulse quickened, hoping maybe the man with obviously deep pockets would share the wealth a little and buy her some gas station food along the way.

The passenger door swung open and a lightning bolt cracked ominously overhead, lighting up the dim countryside almost like it was daytime.

“What’chu doin’ out here girl? You gonna get run down!” The driver yelled, leaning over and struggling to see her in the ever increasing rain.

Peaches tried to play it cool, “Just lookin’ for a ride, driver! Don’t you worry ‘bout me!”

“N’aright then. You best get on up here fore you drown!” He waved a thick arm and straightened back up in his leather seat.

She didn’t need any more coaxing to throw her backpack up onto the floorboard of the truck and haul herself into the passenger seat, instantly drenching its soft black upholstery with her wet jean shorts.

“Sorry ‘bout the water.” She chirped, settling into the warm seat. The trucker had his heat blasting and she suddenly realized how cold she was.

“S’alright. Seats’ll dry. Where ya goin’, lil girl?” He asked, shifting easily as they gained speed down the highway. Peaches glanced over at him, he wasn’t nearly as old as she thought he’d be, maybe late twenties as far as her estimate.

“Shit if I know, I’m just goin’.” She said, wiggling down the seat and propping her feet up on the shiny black dash.

“And why’s that? You awful young to be out on the road by yourself.” He said, deep voice laced with concerned.

“Well you’s wrong there, I ain’t alone no more,” she betrayed herself with a giggle, “But if you must know, I ain’t got nowhere to go. I did live out near Crooked Creek with my ma but she done run off with some guy she been seein’ and I didn’t figure she’d be comin’ back no time soon so I left. I waited ‘round that shack for somethin’ like two weeks ‘fore I left today.”

“And you just been walkin’ down the highway waitin’ for some stranger to kidnap you?”

“Well it ain’t kidnapping if I was goin’ of my own free will but yeah I guess that’s the short of it.”

“Well, I’m goin’ to Nebraska. You got somewhere you want me to drop you off?” he leaned forward and flicked through the channels on the radio, eventually leaving it on one that seemed to only played old country songs.

Peaches hummed along to a song she’d never heard, nodding her head slightly. She didn’t answer for a few long moments.

“I ain’t never been to Nebraska before.”

The trucker chuckled, “It ain’t much better than Crooked Creek.”

“Sure it is. What’re you deliverin’?”

“Flatscreen TVs. They’re goin’ to Omaha. After that I got a pickup in Elkhorn to take to Kentucky.”

She nodded, hoping he’d keep talking. His voice was deep and gravelly and oh so pleasant to listen to, but he unfortunately didn’t seem like the talkative type. After that they sat in relative silence, with only the radio crooning along to keep the quiet at bay.

“Riddle me this, why ain’t you in school? And why ain’t you got no one lookin’ for ya?” He glanced over at her, thick brows furrowed.

“I been in school, thank you! My mama done made me quit in my junior year. I was doin’ real good, they even skipped me ahead a grade, but she said I didn’t need no books to get a job and pay the pills. So she pulled me out and sent me off to the fields to do work for the farmers ‘round town. I plowed and took care of the animals and whatnot so her fat ass could stay at home drunk and high all damn day. Fuckin’ bitch.” She crossed her arms, getting heated just thinking about the long hours she spent out breaking her back so her mom could lay around being worthless.

“As for people lookin’ for me, after my mom left town I figure they assumed I went with her and didn’t much care to put no more thought into it. I’m just white trash, mister, nothin’ anyone much cares to go lookin’ for, ya know?”
“You ain’t white trash. Well, you’s white but I don’t think you’re trash.” He chuckled, relishing in his own humor.

“Thanks for saying so but we both know it ain’t true. What’s your name anyway?” She shifted around in her seat, getting more and more uncomfortable in the wet sticky clothes.

“Buck, yourself?”

“Peaches.” She half whispered her response, embarrassed at her name. It was her least favorite thing about herself, everyone her whole life had made fun of it and as a result she’d grown to hate it herself. She even refused to eat peaches, lest anyone make some ignorant ‘you are what you eat!’ joke.

Buck snorted and clapped a hand on his thigh, “No it ain’t!”

She just sighed quietly and stared at the road ahead, preparing for the jokes. He seemed to notice her change in demeanor and reeled in his playful grin.

“Oh, you’re serious. Well, uh, that’s a nice name anyway. Everyone likes peaches.” He tried to backpedal, but it was too late.

“Yeah well, I’ve heard enough teasing about it so just keep it to yourself.” She snapped, pursing her cherry-red lips.

“I wouldn’t dream of teasing a lady ‘bout her God-given name.” He said, switching the radio again as the previous channel grew staticky.

“Sure. Where you from? You know all ‘bout me but I don’t know nothin’ ‘bout you. You got a wife? Kids? A dog? Anything?” She asked, clasping her hands in her lap. Her hair was starting to dry now, little ringlets springing back to life from the thick curtain of wetness that it’d once been.

“No ma’am. I ain’t got nothin’ but this truck. I do long hauls too much to justify having a house anywhere and I got that sleeper cab back there with everythin’ I need. I like dogs but ain’t got one. I like girls too, but ain’t got one of them neither. Kids ain’t much my thing.”

Peaches nodded, “Kids is only good when you get old and they gotta take care of you. How long you been truckin’?”

“‘Bout seven years. Started when I was eighteen, soon as I got my CDL I was out on the road. I like the drivin’, meetin’ new folk, all that.”

“Don’t it get lonely?”

“Yeah, but it ain’t so bad. I go home and visit my folks every so often.”

“That don’t seem like no life, but I can’t judge. Say, I hate to ask but do you got any clothes I can borrow til mine dry? This shit’s uncomfortable.” She finally asked, having grown tired of trying to discreetly pull the wet jean fabric out from between her ass cheeks.

“Sure thing, darlin’. Got all kinda shit in the back there. Go have a look-see.”

She sprung from her seat, surprised how steady the truck rode, and made her way to the sleeper cabin to rifle through the little set of plastic drawers that seemed to contain his clothing collection. They were held in place by a bungee cable screwed into the wall, which she scooted off before opening anything up.

Most of his clothes looked the same, all shades of grey or black or blue, so she just chose whatever was on the top of the pile.

“I’m changin’ now, don’t you be lookin’!” She hollered to the front of the cabin, earning only a laugh from Buck.

Peaches had to nearly wrestle the wet clothes off, the water and tight fit combining to make them glue themselves to her skin, but after a few minutes of fighting she managed to get into the clean boxers and t-shirt and left her old clothes in a neat pile on the floor save for her bra, which she draped over the edge of the little twin bed. She wanted it to dry as fast as possible so she could it back on, her pert nipples making themselves quite known even through the thick fabric of the shirt.

She shuffled back to her seat barefoot, arms crossed self-consciously over her chest and holding her shoes by the laces. Her worn out old thrift store sneakers would take quite awhile to air out, so they got a prime spot on the floorboard in front of her right in line with the heat vents down there.

“Once we stop for the night I’ll park us near a Walmart or somethin’ and we can go in and get you some stuff so you ain’t gotta keep taking mine.” He said, stealing a glance at the little redhead in the seat next to him.

“I ain’t got no money.” She said, suddenly wishing she did. It’d be nice to have more than one outfit.

“I do. Don’t worry ‘bout it. Pretty as you look in them clothes, you might prefer your own things.”

A blush crept up Peaches’ round, freckled cheeks, “Don’t go lyin’ now, boy. I ain’t pretty and liars go to Hell.”

“Don’t be like that,” He scoffed, “I’ll stop off at the next exit and see if we can’t find us a Walmart. It’s gettin’ toward the end of my driving time today anyway.”

Peaches looked at the digital clock in the dash and was surprised to see it read nearly midnight, and wondered when he’d started driving. They’d met up near the border of West Virginia, and there was no telling where he’d been before that.

They were near Lexington now, already farther from home than she’d ever been, and she didn’t miss it one bit. The off-ramp Buck chose led straight to a little place that wasn’t quite a town, mostly consisting of fast food places, a meager selection of stores and a single bustling truck stop that sat off by itself about a mile down the road.

“I’ma park it at that rest stop and we can walk where we need to go, if ya don’t mind.”

She did mind on account of her being without a bra, but didn’t say so. Driving such a big truck around town would be more trouble than it was worth, she figured. Not to mention her muscles were stiff and cramping up from being still for so long.

Once they were parked and Peaches had her disgusting wet shoes back on, they made their way down various dark sidewalks and jaywalked across a few streets to get to the super Walmart that sat between a Taco Bell and a Burger King about a half mile away. She kept her arms crossed the entire walk, hoping to buy a pack of compression sports bras to completely flatten her breasts out to avoid any future nipple sightings.

“Why you keep crossin’ your arms? Mad about somethin’?” He peered down at her as they walked through the brightly lit sliding doors.

“No, I just-I...ugh.” She sighed and quickly dropped her arms for just a second before covering herself right back up.

Buck’s mouth was a little dry now, “I hadn’t thought of that. Well, uh, you go ahead and find what you want and meet me up at the self checkout.” He then excused himself toward the snack aisle, leaving her to her own devices.

She tried to be conservative, mostly going for items that came in multi-packs, and ended up with two packages of white shirts, one short sleeved and one sleeveless, along with a set of two sleeping shorts and a pair of jeans plus two sports bras. Buck on the other hand, loaded himself up on all sorts of food from Oreos to Funyuns and every kind of microwaveable meal in between. He scooped up a few reusable bags, since they’d fit more in them, and they were on their way back to the truck with their goodies in tow.

“Thanks for buyin’ my clothes. I’ll pay ya back when I can, kay?” She said over a mouthful of Cheetos.
“S’alright. I got you a toothbrush and deodorant too, I didn’t see you get any so I figured you forgot.”

“Aw, ain’t you just the sweetest thing.” She cooed, genuinely glad he’d thought of her.

“Well, ya know.” He rolled his eyes and tried to keep from blushing at her compliment.

By the time everything was put away, it was nearing on one in the morning and they both were dead on their feet.

“Guess you’ll be stuck sleeping with me. I’ll do a lot of things for a lady but I ain’t giving up my bed.” Buck said, stripping down to his boxers. She was sitting on the floor in front of him, fiddling with the tags on her new jeans when she noticed what he was doing. Peaches looked up at him and tried not to let her eyes linger too long, but she could feel herself staring anyway.

“Yeah, uh, that’s fine.” She quickly noticed she could see the faintest outline of his cock swaying when he moved, and that was the moment she forced her eyes away. Her whole face and neck went red and hot, thankfully he couldn’t see it in the dim cabin lit only by overhead street lamps in the parking lot.

Buck was a thickly built man, even the bed agreed with that sentiment when he flopped down on it with a sigh. It creaked in quiet protest, but didn’t show any signs of bending or breaking. She stood in front of the little cot for a few seconds, nervously wringing her hands before settling in beside him.

“I won’t bite. I’ll warn ya though, I am a cuddler.” He tried to lighten the mood, but only made the warmth in Peaches’ belly grow more intense.

They shuffled around for a few minutes before finally settling into a spooning position, with his arm behind her head and her soft body nestled tightly against the thick muscle of his. He was no bodybuilder, but the little bit of fat he did have was just a covering for a layer of strong muscle. Her shirt had rode up a bit in all the movement and she could feel the coarse hair on his belly on her lower back. That coupled with the gentle tickle on her neck and ear from his breathing proved to be just the right combination, and she noticed the crotch of her shorts feeling a little damp.

She’d never been with a man before, but suddenly that’s all she could think about. After a few more minutes of teasing, both from his closeness and her own dirty thoughts, she took the plunge and arched her hips backward into him. Peaches was surprised to already feel his dick to be hard as a rock; he apparently hadn’t been asleep like she thought he was. He let out a short, quiet grunt as she did so and responded with a gentle hand sliding down the front of her shorts straight to the spot that needed attention.

There were no words exchanged, just quiet sighs and moans as he stroked over the girl’s now soaked pussy. He was apparently a fan of teasing, making sure to circle his fingers around her clit without ever touching it and doing the same for the hole itself.

“Please,” she choked out, her face now beaded with sweat. Even just his gentle petting had her on the edge and all she needed was one finger in her to cum. In all her years of experimenting, she’d never been able to climax without either fingers or some other object in her pussy first. She could get as close as she wanted with rubbing her clit, but only frustration would ensue without penetration.

“Not yet, baby girl. Don’t want it to be over too soon.”

She whined and ground her butt into him again, harder this time, and he rewarded her with one stroke to her throbbing clit. Peaches bucked her hips into his hand, trying to get some kind of relief. Finally, having had enough, she reached her own hand between her legs and tried to force his out of the way to finish the job herself. He growled and grabbed both her arms, pinning them behind her and using them to gently steer her onto her knees. Buck then nudged her legs apart, pulled his boxers down and rubbed his purple dickhead on the seam of her shorts right between her spread pussy lips. Her juices were now dripping down her thighs and she was growing desperate, moaning plaintively and arching backward into him.

He kept a grip on her arms, used his other hand to pull her shorts to the side and leaned over her to place firm bites on her neck and shoulders. She had her head nearly buried in the mattress, panting quietly. After roughly running his thumb over her clit a few times, he slammed his cock into her all at once without warning. Peaches came instantly, her tortured pussy squeezing and twitching on his cock as she moaned her way through it. Immediately after, her clit was nearly too sensitive to touch. He continued flicking it, however, and slowly pumped his cock in and out of her as she squirmed beneath him.

“No more, please, it’s too much.” She whined, feeling her body start to react despite her pleas.

Buck sped up his thrusts until finally he was nearly drilling her into the bed and she found herself cumming again, pushing back into his dick all the while and even begging for more after her second orgasm finished. He was nearly spent, however, and pulled out after only a few more thrusts. His milky cum spurted onto her ass and slid all the way down the girl’s back, and he found himself leaning over to lick the line of spunk off her. She collapsed flat on her belly and couldn’t find words for awhile, finally forcing her tired body to roll back onto her side once Buck had laid down again. She resumed her former position of little spoon, and this time the two fell soundly asleep.