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2023-01-15 01:58:21

By Oediplex

Onward and upward; on you know who (mom), up you know where, wish I were there!

I walked into my apartment and found my mother crying in my living room. Now, mom has a key to my place and sometimes she lets herself in to surprise her divorced son with a dinner, which I always was grateful for; though I would have eaten another sort of ‘dish’ of my mother’s if my fantasies ever came true.

So I wasn’t too surprised by her being there, but I was most concerned by her tears. I thought my father had upset her. I sat next to her on the arm of the easy-chair and went to hug her. But before my action was completed, mom slapped me, hard. Then burst into more weeping, with her hands in her face. I stood and put my hand to my face speechless. Mother mumbled something. “What?” I asked.

“How dare you! You have no right to have invaded my privacy that way! You should be ashamed of yourself! What do you have to say for yourself?”

I was now an adult and didn’t rise to the mother/son conflict of power and judgment; so I calmly said, “Mother, I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.”

“You HACKED my computer, to looked into my personal files. Then you down-loaded them to your computer. Don’t deny it!”

“Mom, I didn’t hack your computer. What the hell are you talking about?” To maintain my ‘not your kid to boss around anymore’ position I added a laugh the end of my reply.

“I went on your computer to check on a recipe for the dinner I was going to cook for you, and I found a picture that I know you got from my computer. It was on a imaging program which you left open and when the screen-saver disappeared, there it was, there we were, I mean the image looks like . . . You know the one I mean! How could you do that to your own mother?”

Now, things started to be come clear and more confused. I knew the picture she was referring to. I had masturbated looking at it last night and must have forgotten to clear the file, not expecting company. But it was not something I had copped off my mom’s Dell PC, it was a drawing that I had discovered by myself, well, with a little help from Joss.

It was of us, that is the lady and kid looked like my mom and I, of say ten or so years ago, when I was in seventh grade and Mom was a housewife with an comfortable life. Indeed I knew the picture well. It was by my favorite erotic painter, Pandora’s Box. I have never seen more realistic illustrations (or should I better say il-lust-ration) of sex. But not just sex, mother/son sex. Youths and women; mothers with moist yearning pussies open to the touching tip of their son’s horny hard-on. Pandora always made me cum.

The picture my mother was in tears about; the one of us (almost), on the very verge of my virginity’s lost and her sanctity violated; was my favorite portrait by Pandora’s Box, the world’s finest incest artist. That painting, was the picture that she admitted was on her computer. So I knew what she had thought I had snitched off her computer files. What was confusing was why my mother would have a picture of a mom and son, who looked liked us, and about to commit incest, who were close to full penetration - which was but moments away in the drawing. Why would she have that same image?

Unless of course, she had interests the same as I, interest in incest, mother/son incest, fucking me??? incest. Too good to be true. I decided to try to defuse the anger before exploring this revelation to a possible new facet of our relationship. “Mom, you’re not the only one who knows about the beautiful il-lust-rations which Pandora’s Box produces. I found that picture on my own. It is pure coincidence.”

Mom looked up from her quiet weeping, anger flared anew. “There is nothing pure or coincidental about it. You can’t deny the stories I found under folder name of ‘Mother’s Lover’. Once I discovered your perversion, I used the find-file function. How do you explain all the stories by Oediplex? Is he so well known? He writes some good stories, God knows he’s made me cum, but he’s rare enough that it can’t be coincidence. You have every one of his stories as I do, even the funny poetry he writes. You had to take that from my PC!”

Now I laugh for real, (you know why). “Mom, his stories turn you on; make you cum? You have a picture of Pandora’s that shows us fucking . . .”

“Not us, close, but not us, we never did anything like that. But it is uncanny.”

“You read pornography by a guy that obviously is into mother/son incest, and admit to having an orgasm masturbating while reading it. Are you really bothered by the thought I got those files from you, which honestly I did not, and I will prove that to you; or are you more bothered by something else?”

“Like what,” Mom’s face trying to a simple sniffle.

“Like now you know my secret. My secret Oedipus Complex.”

“Oh God! Sweetie, I’ve known about your fetish for years. You didn’t think I wouldn’t notice all the Beeline and Greenleaf books about motherfucking, conveniently tucked under your mattress for masturbation? I changed your cum stained sheets several times a week, after all. That’s why it’s your fault.”

Now I was confused again.

Mom explained, seeing my expression. “It’s not coincidence that I came to enjoy mother/son incest stories too. I read the books, well . . . the dirty parts you had the pages marked for, and I got turned on by your thinking about screwing me. I got turned on then also, thinking about me fucking you, and I haven’t been able to stop fantasizing about it ever since. So it’s your fault.”

She continued, “It’s not my finding out that my son has the hots for me that got me angry, because I’ve known since way back that the thought of doing your mother had energized your libido. Nor that you copied private stuff from my computer, though that was not nice. But what upsets me the most is that now you know my secret, from your sneaky snooping and underhanded theft of files. Now you know that your old lady is Jocasta to your Oedipus.”


“Yes! What about him, huh? How do you explain that?!”

“I am Oediplex. Mother, I . .AM - Oediplex, I write those stories.”

“You can’t be! He’s good! You failed Senior English in High School, you can’t spell worth a damn. I’ve read Oediplex for years, he’s my favorite author [note to reader: don’t you cringe when authors do this?] just as Pandora’s Box is my favorite erotic artist. The two always make me peak every time. That would mean that I . . . - ”, her voice trailed off.

She drew out her conclusions in pronounced phrases. “That I have been turned-on to incest with my son . . . by reading my son’s pornography, . . . and then, I have been turned on by my son’s own pornography that he wrote . . . I have cum imagining have sex with my son while reading his fantasies of having sex with me.” She tood a deep breath. “So you see that you can’t be Oediplex. That would be too ironic, like some plot twist in one of your stories, I mean his stories.”

“I can prove it to you, and I have a surprise for my number one fan too!” I knew that my proof would give her a thrill. I hoped it would lead to me giving her a thrill in a very special way as well. “Here, let me show you,” I went and sat the computer, which was over on the other side of the room, “Look at this.” Mom rose and came over to look over my shoulder. I brought up the rough drafts of three of my major stories. Then I showed her the Hotmail email responses which had sent in (praise mostly, some complained about my grammar and punctuation, mother was right).

“O God! My son is Oediplex!” she looked a little shaky so I got up and drew mom over onto the desk chair. When she as seated, I turned her back to the monitor.

“And now for your surprise!” I clicked on the link to my website and went to the pictures section. There my collaborative story, il-lust-rated by scores of Pandora’s Box drawings and paintings was on view to be read. I clicked on the title page: ‘Slipping Into My Sleeping Mom’ by Oediplex, il-lust-rated by Pandora’s Box, layout by Joss; the words and art had the desired and expected effect on mom. She sat perfectly still, like she did every time something stunned her.

“You . . you know Pandora? Your working with Pandora’s Box? You and Pandora wrote a story together? Shit! Is that a hot ticket. That’s a ticket I gotta ride. I can wait to read this when I get home!”

“Why wait? Read it now and tell me what you think, mom.”

“No, silly, I want to read it in private so I can . . . enjoy . . . it . . . thoroughly. You know what I mean.” She actually blushed.

“So you can masturbate, I understand. But mom, think how much more you would ‘enjoy’ the story if I, your own son, played with you as you became aroused, and who better to masturbate you to an orgasm as you read a story by both your favorite erotic author and favorite erotic artist, about the subject of mother/son incest? Who better to get you off than the author himself? Why not have some fun right here, right now, with me?”

“God! No! Sweetie, I’d be much too embarrassed!”

“Well, I would never want you to do something you didn’t want to do. But how about just looking at the first few pages and telling me what you think.” {‘Tell me if it makes you hot mom’, I thought to myself.} “We put a lot of work into the project.”

“Okay, baby, that’s fine, you can show me the first pages.” I clicked the mouse. As she started to read I put my hands on her shoulders and started to rub slowly. Mom had one hand on the mouse and her left reached up and patted my hand. She flipped through the first to pages, then slowed as she got into the action. My hands slipped down her front and my fingers encompassed her breasts tenderly with a light stroking.

Mom made no objection to this and I could feel her nipples harden beneath the blouse and bra. I took the next step and began to unbutton her shirt. Her bosom heaved with a deep sigh as the parting of the material exposed mom’s lovely mammillae. I gave a cursory caress to her pillows through the white harness that contained them, then undid the front hook to release them. The pale pink skin was capped with strawberry nipples that pointed slightly upwards in their erect state.

Mother’s eyes were locked onto the pictures and words before her as she went from page to page, the words giving the feelings and emotions which the il-lust-rations depicted. She had to stop when I began to remove both upper garments from her, leaving her bare to the waist. She gazed into my eyes for a moment, then her lids closed and her head dropped back as she saw I was about to kiss her ruddy ripe points. I gave each a little suck and kiss to sensitize them even more.

She turned back to the naughty scene shining out of the screen. I knelt at her side and began to rub her legs, pushing her skirt high on her thighs. The pages progressed, as did my seduction, my hands went higher and rubbed her thighs, her legs opened another ten degrees. I felt her crotch through the thin cotton panties and confirmed she was seeping. I waited until she reached the part where the mother is discovered sleeping.

I undid the snap and zipper at the side of her skirt. She knew what I wanted and stood briefly as I exposed her beautiful derriere and curly brown pussy. She returned to the seat and began to read again as I removed her shoes and the clothes puddled at her feet. She made her legs at a right angle and scrunched forward giving me better access to her pleasure center. My playground was open.

My fingers rode the slide of her slick gash and dribbled her rosy nub. I explored the opening of the tunnel of love, it was awash in juice. Now she was where the youth in the story entered his mother’s hot hole. I gave the desk chair a slight turn so that I had an angle of attack at her crotch. Mr. Milf Muff Diver, I, as I put my tongue in her twat to taste my mother’s elixir. My lips nibbled the labia, my oral digit sought her entrance, my nose Eskimo’d her clit; baby needed a bib!

The furious assault with my mouth on mother’s muff made it happen. She orgasmed at the perfect point of cumming with the characters in the il-lust-rated story. The desk chair got soaked, as her nectar spilled out. Mom’s head was thrown all the way back and her beautiful breasts heaved in ragged gasps and her limbs went rigid as the ecstasy hit. Her thighs clamped on my ears, the hips thrusting, seeking to be filled. She shuddered, then let out a long moan.

With perspiration still on her face, I lead mom back to the easy chair in the corner. I sat her down and then stripped myself. I paused for a moment to let mother take in her grown son’s naked body, including the handsome package between my legs. She smiled and lifted her arms in a gesture asking for a hug. I knelt down and pressed my chest into the soft, velvety skin of her lush breasts. We did tongue dancing for several minutes.

Then mother leaned back and held my shoulders to look at me with an amused smile. “ I just put two and two together and realized something!” she exclaimed. I used two fingers to slide into her pussy as we talked, I was on my knees between her parted thighs. Mom reached behind her and gave me a throw-pillow to spare my joints. “I know you remember when you used to try to catch me and your father making love. When you would sneak downstairs and peek at us in the family rec-room, while we did it.”

“Your dad was kneeling then too, just like you are now. Just like Billy did in your story about when the parents taught their son about sex. I read that story a dozen times and cum every time! But Darling, exciting as this has been, and as hot and horny as we both are, and as much as a mother/son screwing is a turn on for both of us; we still can’t have sex. It would be wrong, no matter how much we both want to consummate our lust. We can’t open that can of worms, Honey, we just can’t.

The look on my face would have been a classic photo of a forlorn, dejected and disappointed man. But then I decided to not let the moment pass, this was too good an opportunity to have and let slip by, an opening which I might not get again in so favorable circumstances. I sawed the two fingers in and out. My head bent and instead of an argument of words to her refusal, I suckled her nipples.

“No! Oediplex, don’t seduce me, I’m too vulnerable!” My mom had called me by my incest name. My mother had said she was vulnerable. My female parent had told me that she had the hots for me and she was sitting in front of me without a stitch. Her words said one thing but her signs pointed toward a different conclusion. She needed to be seduced to reduce the last of vestiges of moral hang-up. I was more than willing and ‘up’ for the job.

“Please mom! I didn’t cum yet . . . can’t I just put it in once . . . you’ll like it - you know you would.”

“Yes I would. But no son, that would be going to far. We’re already are on dangerous ground. You wouldn’t be able to control yourself.”

“I would, please let me, I have wanted you for so long, ‘long and hard’ I have wanted you, mom. You have wanted me too, just this once, this one time, just one time in you to see, to remember all my life. I want to know what is like to have my cock enveloped by your sweet pussy. Please!”

“Maybe you would have the strength, the control, to only put it in once, but I don’t think that I could stop you if you got that far, so going that far is out of the question.” My fingers were still ravishing in and out of mother’s slick snatch. I was silent. “Honey, why don’t I suck you off?” said mom, trying to avoid the ultimate intimate act.

Well that was better than nothing and a step in the right direction. I stood up and leaned toward her. “Okay ma, slurp on my love tool that is so hot for you.” Mom bent forward and began to work on my cock. She slid her luscious lips over the crown and her tongue flicked on the skin ridge on it’s underside. I knew something though that my mother was unaware of, that it takes me a very long time to cum by mouth. This would work to my advantage.

After a while of her finest administrations to my member, my mother looked up. “Sweetheart, are you close?” I imagined her jaw was getting sore.

“That’s all right mom, I guess I won’t get off with you after all.” I sounded as sorry and tragic and heart broken as I could. I even managed a tear. I am a ham actor, I admit.

“O! God! Baby, don’t cry!” On cue, I burst into real tears, went to my knees and hugged her. “Sweetie, my poor Oediplex, how can I help?”

“Maybuh . . be, I c..could just put it on your tummy and rub? I might get off that way . . .”

“Okay, but only on the outside, no penetration, promise?”

I nodded. Progress! I positioned us so mom’s hips were hanging almost of the edge of the big chair and I was flat on her, nipples matched to nipples; with my dick pointed at her belly-button and my balls tickled by her pubic hair. I hunched, she gave little humps, and slowly the position transitioned lower and lower, until the tip of my of my penis was brushing aside the bush and buzzing her clitoris with each stroke. She lay there like she was in a trance, breathing hard and making little whines and whimpers.

I whispered, “Just the tip in, please mom, just the tip, that will make me cum. Please, just the tip, please mommy, your boy needs his mommy’s warm love surrounding me. Help me cum momma, let me put the head of my cock in, pleease!”

“Okay, but only the tip, like in our picture by Pandora, just the tip to make you cum, but just this once, and no more than that.”

With the green light I proceeded, still unsure I could complete the seduction. The plum bulb of my dick nudged the glossy lips open, and nestled in the radiant heat that felt like heaven. I was now an inch into paradise. I let it rest there for a moment, then began to slowly and slightly withdraw, but before it actually was out of contactor lost it’s aim I thrust it gently in again and repeated; then once more. The forth stroke pushed the rim of the head so as to be fully seated in mom’s pussy.

Mother’s cunt seemed to get even hotter and wetter. She was shaking her head and murmuring “No, nooo, oohh nooo, Oediplex don’t fuck your mother!” Her hips lifted a touch, the legs spread a bit, her breathing was increasingly deep and rapid. I knew we approaching a momentous and critical point in our relationship, which had taken an unexpected erotic twist. I paid attention to her physical signals and none to her plaint and with the next press of prick was a tad deeper; then, without pulling back, another half inch was advanced.

Mom’s eyes popped wide open and she tensed. She looked me with an expression of both dread and lust. Her mouth open as if to speak, but no sounds came out. I looked down at our connected bodies, her gaze followed to our united genitals. The second stretched. We both knew what was going to happen. The I heard my mother’s voice say words an hour ago I could never imagined her saying, save in my stories that is. “Oediplex,” she called me, “say the words, tell me the description, speak the narrative. Tell me about doing your mommy, while you do it to me.” Green lights all the way down the avenue to home!

I spoke of making love to my mom like I was writing one of my stories. “My mother has her legs spread for me. However, she is unsure we should be this intimate. Her pussy is wet with ardor, her motherly instincts have been over shadowed by the hot lust she has denied for so long. Mom has let me put the tip of my dick in her vagina, yet she hesitates to complete the union with the last vestige of conscience and morality holding her back from depravity. But is it too late to stop her son and herself from committing the incest they both have lusted for?”

“Yes!” said mom.

“Yes . . . to which?” I asked, “do you mean I got your feelings right, or it’s too late to stop?”

“Both!” as her reply.

As I spoke I suited my actions to the words. “Yes, it has gone too far between them, too far gone with passion, too far into her cunt to turn back, they can’t help themselves. I’m going to put into you mom. I’m withdrawing just to the very lightest of touches at your sweet cuddle-hole. Now in, slowly - so - slowly . . . a fraction of an inch at a time. It feels like every square millimeter of my penis is super-sensitive as it slides down the gripping channel of your vagina.”

“You feel filled and fulfilled by your son’s thick long dick in your canal. The returning of his physical self reconnecting to where he came from, inside you; there to repeat the poppa act of inseminating momma. This approaching of your son’s impending orgasm and flooding you with his sperm is what really turns you on. It is naughty and nasty and not-natural, but oh so steamy and sexy and exciting. You know that his splurge will send you over the edge too.” Mom was nodding her affirmation.

“I’m half in you now, involuntarily my slide hastens, and now I am almost all in.” I was and we both moaned in unison as my cock was swallowed by her cunt. “Now I am all the way in you. My balls are snuggled up against your bottom. Our pubic hairs are crushed together, the crinkly hair a kinky tactile sensation in itself. The knob of my pole is plugged hard into your deepest spot mom, can you feel it bumping against the mouth of your womb? That is where I am going to squirt my baby-making juice into you!”

“Oh, yes, Baby, fuck me, fuck your mommy, Oediplex, and cum in momma’s cunt! Do it to me, Sweety, make me climax too! I’ve waited so long to have you back within me, now my dream has been realized, my fantasy come true! O God I love it! Fuck me, screw me, do me, love me, love me Honey; make love to your hot, horny mom!” She was totally gone, and I followed right along as I began the long slow strokes from head to root of my boner.

I continued to tell my mother about the dirty things we were doing. “Yes I’m fucking my mommy! Hard and fast, rubbing your clit with my thumb, touching the G-spot as I penetrate, poking at your uterus with the knob of my wicked wand. My nuts are close to pouring your chalice to overflowing with the spume of my love. I can’t hold out much longer, the banging of my balls on your soft buns is making them ready to release a torrent of cum in you mommy!”

Then I stopped talking all together as the peak hit me and triggered hers. I could feel my hairy orbs jumping in time to the clenching of my asshole, as the swelling and pulsing and throbbing, almost to the point of pain, of my penis pumping in my mother’s vagina continued. I could feel her treasure box vibrating with the contractions of mom’s special place, the home of all homes, the sacred spot of sanctuary away from the world’s problems and cold cruelty. And I had been invited into that holy hole of my sainted/sinner parent beneath me.

What was the best cum you ever had? How great did it feel? Do I need to heap superlatives about the mutual orgasm my mom and I had? Okay, it was rockets and dynamite, volcanoes and earthquakes, shooting comets and supernovas. We bucked as we finished our fuck, then with the stretched moment of socking it to her solid, next the rapid fire raw ramming, plus I added the swiveling motion to make my hard-on hit every spot. The wild dance of hips was echoed in the ballet of tongues and lips. We were in lust and love, living our fantasy out. Finally, the flow of fluids gushed on my balls as my dick started to soften. What a rush!

“Well, Oediplex? Was it as good as in your stories? Did reality live up to fantasy? You certainly lived UP to your name and reputation in fact and action!” Mother continued to hold me in our hug of love.

“Like it?, boy did I ever Mom! Oh wow! was that spectacular!”

“And did you like the fact that I was reluctant and resistive, did I play my part well?”

“That was acting?”

“Sure, Babe, I read your stories, I know what turns you on. So I decided that I would make your fantasy as close to perfect as possible. Since you knew that I have been hot for you for nearly as long as you’ve had a yen for me, I was hard press not to be totally round-healed. My fantasy came true when I felt your cum in my cunt.”

She continued, “You can thank Pandora’s Box for getting to finally fuck your mother. If we both hadn’t like that same picture of his, with the mother and son who look like us, I might never have spilled to you my own Jocastic desires. But now we have gone all the way, there’s no going back. You won’t have to wait so long, Honey, until we are once more making love, because I know we won’t be able to resist the temptation to trespass the incest taboo again.”

“That’s so true!” I said prodding her tummy with my res-erection. But first do you know what the translation of Oedipus means from the Greek?”


“Ate her puss . . .”

She laughed, and then giggled as my lips nibbled down her tummy then up her thighs, then she sighed as my mouth made contact with her genitals, she groaned as my tongue touch her pink pearl of femininity, she gasp as it tunneled into her love haven. What followed . . .

Well, what followed is part two, but that’s another story; one maybe mom will help write. Oediplex and Jocastrix! 8==3~